Smile is fragile: Keep It.

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Smile puts everything on the map of life.

If your morning starts with the burden and stress, The voice of beautiful rain is not striking at your ear drum, You are not seeing the glory of rising Sun, then you need to take a pause and think.

Do not wait for peace; relax. You are the master of your happiness. Do not go for happiness, start everything with full confidence and smiling face. You can not make everyone happy because the Joy of someone can be curse for others. Do your work with perfection. Your Empire will bring them close to you.

Struggles are there, but they are not to demean you, they are to uplift you. A small seed also has to struggle a lot in reaching the surface. On the other hand, Mighty lion also has to hunt on its own.

So don’t forget that you also have the ability to hunt every problem. Never beg and don’t be frustrated. The roads will not be easy, but it is certain that victory will be achieved. Open the door smilingly, your speed will change the picture.

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